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How to Wear Gucci Shirt

There are times in your life when you have to decide whether something is worth the price tag or not. Exhibit A: Gucci’s logo tee. It’s a dilemma we fashion-lovers, unfortunately, have to deal with. When the brand’s logo t-shirt made its way onto the runway a couple of seasons ago, it was a runaway hit.

While the logo tee has been around for some time now, it’s crazy to see that the hype surrounding it has not slowed down one iota. In fact, now that it’s finally warm outside, I’ve been seeing it around New York even more. It’s basically become a wardrobe staple for celebrities and the street style set. (It probably has something to do with the fact that it can be worn with everything from a feminine, silk midi skirt to a suit that means business.) Thanks to Farfetch’s Communities and its Gucci Open House initiative, I got to test-drive the tee and see if it’s actually worth the hype.

Since I’ve been to my fair share of concerts, I have a stack of worn-in band tees that fit to perfection. On my first try wearing this shirt, it kind of felt like I was wearing one of my old reliables. The short-sleeved tee was intentionally designed with distressed effects, which gave it a cool rock-and-roll vibe. While there’s no denying that the $590 is steep, I personally think it’s worth the hype if you’re looking to invest in a tee that will last you years. Plus, as it gets more worn in, it’ll just look better because of its vintage feel. I also found that it revived my closet. On days that I just wanted to wear jeans and a tee, I still looked dressed up because of the t-shirt. From blazers to two-toned trousers, there were just a multitude of ways to wear the shirt, which makes it a home run, IMO. Read on to see how I styled the tee and shop the looks if you’re feeling inspired, too.

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